Bear Stearns’ Implied Default Probability up by more than 65% at

New York, March 14, 2008 -- by Savvysoft has released implied default probabilities for Bear Stearns for the past several weeks. A chart shows the default probabilities rising steadily from 4.88% on March 5 to 8.26% on March 13, an increase of more than 65%.

The default probabilities calculated at are based on a bond's spread to the Treasury curve. A corporate bond trades at a higher yield, and therefore a lower price, than a Treasury, to compensate for a possible default. The larger the price discount, the greater the market believes is the chance of default. These implied default probabilities are an independent, objective and accurate measure of what the market as a whole thinks is the chance of a company defaulting.

The Bear Stearns default probability history:

Date Probability

"Rumors have a way of turning out to be true, and that was certainly the case here," said Rich Tanenbaum, President of Savvysoft. "But even if you weren't clued into the rumor mill, CorporateDefaults told us that the market was expecting problems at Bear Stearns."

CorporateDefaults tracks the implied default probabilities of thousands of issuers, and is updated daily.

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Savvysoft is a New York City-based provider of high-caliber OTC derivatives analytics, derivatives integration software, software for tracking portfolios of OTC derivatives, and market implied default probabilities. Savvysoft’s analytical products handle OTC derivatives in many markets including: equities, interest rates, FX, commodities, convertibles, MBS, electricity, energy, and credit. The company’s integration products facilitate the integration of analytics into any open third party system or in-house system. Savvysoft products are used by over 2000 institutions in 15 countries worldwide. The institutions include top-tier banks, dealers, brokers, money managers, energy suppliers, corporate treasurers, auditors and consultants. Savvysoft was founded by Rich Tanenbaum, an and the head of Derivatives Research at Bankers Trust (now Deutsche Bank). Rich was a founding member of the first OTC derivatives desk on Wall Street which was at Bankers Trust. Savvysoft's corporate headquarters are located at 17 State Street, 4th Floor, New York, NY 10004 U.S.A. Tel: 212-742-8677; Fax: 212-425-8677; Web:,,

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